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Drivers... Start... Your... ENGINES!

You're in the IndyCar Series driving alongside the best of the best! Nimble and agile, you're great at setting goals and tracking results along the way. It's clear your team has invested in continually monitoring the status of all car parts and road conditions to make sure you are able to make a quick pit stop if needed and then get back on the track.

Like an IndyCar, pace, agility, and decisiveness are synonymous with your organization. With company level goals starting at the top and cascading all the way down to the team and individual level, your organization is aligned, data-driven, and knows what needs to be done to ensure you are the first to cross the finish line. 

Having clear direction on everyone’s responsibilities helps keep your team focused on the end goal. Additionally, measuring the status of each area gives your crew an opportunity to continually assess how things are going. When your front wing is damaged, you have the systems in place to alert you of changes needed at your next pit stop.

With so many different areas to keep tabs on, communication is key. You want to ensure your team is always dialed in to the same radio station during the race, and that means providing a centralized place to communicate and collaborate on goals. All team members need visibility into how the team is doing and how their focus contributes to the overall success.

Data is the fuel to your engines and manual entry of information can be tedious and quickly becomes outdated. Automating how you report on key metrics will eliminate confusion and reduce time spent on manual tasks that can be prone to user error.

Don’t wait until the end of a quarter to realize things are off track, stay proactive and make slight adjustments along the way to ensure sure you’re the one kissing the bricks at the end of the 500 mile race.

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