Off-Road Racer!

Your team is just starting to fall in love with the need for speed. As an Off-Road Racer, your company has put together elements that will fuel your success. More importantly, you have the toughness and resilience to overcome obstacles on the track. With a few tweaks, you can really start taking your skills to the next level.

The bar for success has been set by the leadership team, and you have high-level company and departmental goals. To take it a few steps forward, consider establishing KPIs at the team and individual level. This can move your business forward as you hone in on accountability for every employee.

One key element you can consider adding to your tool set is establishing a rhythm for how often you’re setting and reviewing goals. Creating a repeatable process will help your team achieve more milestones as you move through the Off-Road racing circuit.

As your team continues to build your goal setting muscles and beat your competitors on the track, you can start standardizing the metrics for success you’ve put in place. Communicating clear expectations and ensuring accountability across employees and teams will help your company stay focused on the key metrics that are critical to performance. 

Never fear - you are an Off-Road Racer! With a few simple tune-ups, you’ll be well on your way to leveling up past the Off-Road circuit.

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