Street Racer!

Your team is winning, the hunger for speed is there, and you’ve established a few best practices to move up from the beginners circuit. As a Street Racer, you know your end goal in every race, and track the right metrics on your dash to help put you in a position to win. Similarly, your organization is setting company and departmental goals, as well as tracking KPIs along the way.

Want to tune it up to make it to the big leagues? There are a few things below that you can enhance to get ready for the pro circuit.

KPI tracking is a great place to start. If you’re going to be the first to cross the line and see the checkered flag, you’ll need to better understand how each of those KPIs tie into the goals you have set as an organization. Tying the KPIs to a purpose allows team members to stay focused on the most important metrics rather than getting lost amidst a sea of data in a spreadsheet.

To take it to the next level, make sure you are cascading those goals down to departments, managers, and individual contributors. Ensuring all team members clearly understand their goals and how they tie in to the larger goals of the organization will facilitate a sense of purpose and ensure your team members are focused on driving the right results at the right time. 

Although there are opportunities to grow, with the framework you’ve built thus far, you’re surely on your way to joining the greats of the IndyCar series!

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