A Better Framework for Growth
Frustrated with trying to make goal-setting acronyms work for your team? Purpose-built for growth, Elate gives your team a realistic framework for strategic planning.
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Align Your Company Around Strategic Planning
Don’t let hundreds of sticky notes and hours of whiteboard sessions go to waste. Make your strategic plan visible to your entire company.
Performance Driven, Not Performance Management
Build your company on accountability and results. Let our scorecards and reports allow employees to focus on outcomes, not just weekly check-ins. 
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Automate Updates and Surface Insights
Stop spending time tracking down team members to update objectives to report on changes. Automate updates and instantly track trends and progress. 
Build Reports with Ease
Say goodbye to inconsistent KPIs and manual objective reporting. Easily get started with our templates or create custom reports to track objectives and KPIs.
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Optimize Leadership Meetings
Focus your conversations on the most impactful topics. Run meetings directly from Elate to create transparency around what’s working and what’s not.
Airtable, Google Sheets, Hubspot, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Slack
Elate seamlessly integrates with the tools that'll help you reach your goals, faster.
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