Powering Sustainable Growth

Elate is your organization's timeline for optimizing business outcomes through data-driven OKRs.

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Take control of your key company initiatives

Move fast, make informed decisions and operate with seamless team alignment. This is the ideal operating structure for any business. Today, this process is fragmented and expensive. With disjointed static reporting dashboards, performance management software and spreadsheets, companies are using multiple technologies to unsuccessfully gain insight into the performance of their business. Elate provides a single platform that unifies your internal technologies and disparate data into a simple interface for driving business outcomes.

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Complete View

Connect to your CRM, accounting, product and other software platforms with Elate’s pre-built integrations at the click of a button for informed, real-time decision-making.

Performance Tracking

Create, track and accelerate any type of company initiative - from pricing changes to product releases and everything in between - with Elate’s easy-to-use platform.


Elate tracks every business objective in one platform, allowing leaders to collaborate in a single source of truth. Add meaningful context, share reports and connect with teams on their projects, all in one place.


Elate allows us to centralize data across our platforms, so we can spend less time manually updating spreadsheets and more time discussing areas of success and growth.

Steve Werner, VP of Customer Operations, Xiber

We know what your business needs are because we've been there.

Our team has been lost in spreadsheets trying to reconcile goals and budgets that never receive updates or follow-through. We built Elate so no one at your company has to experience that again.

See how Elate powers better business outcomes.