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What is Dynamic Planning?

Dynamic Planning is a growth framework for building, executing, and reviewing your strategic plan. Dynamic Planning helps companies make decisions proactively, creating a competitive advantage through their strategic planning process.

Unlike traditional Strategic Planning, Dynamic Planning helps organizations move faster with greater alignment.

Success is measured by the impact employees have on the overall direction of the company, and the insights surfaced to Leadership that help proactively make decisions.

Principles of Dynamic Planning

So what actually differentiates Dynamic Planning from traditional planning? What leads to these outcomes? These eight core principles create the behavior change that allows Dynamic Planning to be your competitive advantage:


Dynamic Planning

unites every phase of the planning process.

From how we Build, Execute, and Review our Plan, we want Dynamic Planning to create a complete, consistent planning lifecycle for our company.


Dynamic Planning

brings together long-term vision with tactical execution.

We seek to eliminate the disconnect between the priorities set by leadership and the work being done by employees. Further, we want to highlight how the work of employees directly contributes to our direction as a company.


Dynamic Planning

helps us move faster.

With alignment from the onset, we know where we’re going as a company. And when we do pivot, employees understand why.


Dynamic Planning

focuses on the outcome, not the output.

We don’t just track activity or make employees feel as though they are punching a timecard for their work. We care about the end result and how we are going to get there together.


Dynamic Planning

aligns organizations vertically and horizontally.

We value visibility and transparency. From Leadership to employees to cross-departmental collaboration, Dynamic Planning builds relationships that hold teams accountable and promotes the level of visibility we need.


Dynamic Planning

is proactive, not reactive.

We proactively identify opportunities for growth and potential risks to drive action. Action taken is more important than just reporting on what has happened.


Dynamic Planning

turns change into opportunity.

We embrace change as inevitable, which allows us to build plans that are more durable, reliable, and consistent.


Dynamic Planning

is our competitive advantage.

We don’t just “check the box” with strategic planning. Dynamic Planning provides an ever-evolving framework that fuels growth with a foundation we can build upon.

Tracking Success with Dynamic Planning

More specifically, Dynamic Planning is measured by:


Set your team up for success

Objectives with relationships

Objectives tied to a theme

Objectives prioritized


Drive outcomes and engagement

Weekly updates

Average comments per objective

Key Results per objective


Celebrate your success and improve moving forward

Objectives closed out

Objective success rate

High value success rate

Getting Started with Dynamic Planning

With these principles in mind, Strategy and Operations Leaders have the opportunity to introduce Dynamic Planning as a way to unlock a new way of thinking across the business.

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