Elevate Your Strategic Plan through Execution

Turn execution into your competitive advantage with Elate. Drive engagement, collaboration, and reporting like never before.

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Elate is where our most important strategic priorities come to life.
Margie Eggen

Chief of Staff

Everything You Need to Execute Your Plan in One Place

Elate gives your company a single platform to hit your goals and exceed your plan. Easily see objectives, metrics, blockers, and key wins in real-time.

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Roll Out Your Plan Across Teams

Keeping your teams aligned is more important than ever. Communicate your plan, create transparency, and increase employee engagement.

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Create a Consistent Process for Updates

Stop asking for manual updates, and meet team members where they work. Elate’s automated Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications ensure your team actually shares their progress.

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Run Team Meetings with Purpose

Don’t let your strategic plan become static. Prioritize meeting discussion around objectives and metrics to drive action that will help you exceed your goals.

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Reporting Done Right

Manual reporting takes countless hours of valuable time. Streamline reporting with Elate’s At Risk, Nudge, and Progress Reports to ensure your leadership team is informed on what’s going on across the business.

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Drive Outcomes with Real-time Data

With Elate’s one-click integrations, connect data sources from the tools your teams already use to remove duplicative work and evaluate plan execution in real-time.

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