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It's that one source of truth we've been missing.
Emma Bates

Head of Operational Business Excellence

Unify Your Vision, Mission, and Values

As your company grows, it can be harder to keep everyone on the same page. Elate makes it simple for teams to understand your vision, mission, and values.

Company mission, vision and themes

Build Your Strategic Plan with Buy-In

You’ve set a big, bold vision. But how do you get there? With Elate’s Plan Builder, define your Strategic Plan and collaborate to ensure buy-in across the leadership team. 

Communicate the Why and How with Employees 

Now more than ever, companies have to communicate purpose to employees. Easily share your strategic direction with employees and ‘how’ their work helps bring that ‘why’ to life. 

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Create Company Scorecards

Stop spending hours updating dozens of spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Streamline how you report on and discuss KPIs to spend less time consolidating data, and more time driving action. 

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Optimize Your Leadership Meetings

Don’t let urgent overtake important. Run your Leadership Team meetings directly from Elate to ensure you stay focused on the priorities that matter most.

Team members tied to a plan

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"Elate addresses a problem no one else has solved. Integrated dashboards, tracking objectives, connecting to themes - these are all needed to run a leadership team effectively. By having a single platform that connects to all essential KPI data sources, Elate removes the hassles and headaches of visibility into the business.”

Peter Clare

CEO of Relode

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