Our Commitment to Security

We build Elate with a commitment to security and privacy as a top priority.

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Data Protection
  • SOC 2 compliance ensures organizational security in place to protect your data

  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit

  • Platform hosted in Google Cloud Platform’s secure data centers

  • All connections to our application are encrypted by industry-standard protocols

  • Regular vulnerability scans using automated tools

  • Penetration testing on an annual basis

  • SSO logins ensure no one outside of the business can access data in Elate

  • Team and organizational permissions to restrict access to sensitive company data

  • Secure share links to keep access restricted and available for a specified time

Your Data
  • Elate never collects more personal information than it needs and never sells any personal information

  • Secure personal plugins to keep access restricted

  • Elate discards integration source data within 24 hours of processing

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