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Turn Strategic Planning into a Competitive Advantage

Build your plan more collaboratively, ensure strategic execution, and regularly review outcomes with Elate. Elevate how your company does Strategic Planning. 

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The Elate platform has brought not only better transparency but also accountability.
Chad Flynn

Chief of Staff

Align Leaders from the Start

Getting buy-in on a strategic plan is challenging. With Elate’s Plan Builder, you finally have the tools to ensure team members are engaged, aligned, and accountable from the start.

Build a Unified View of Your Plan 

Your company’s key initiatives don’t live in a silo, so don’t build them that way. Construct your Strategic Plan to reflect dependencies across objectives to provide cross-functional visibility with Relationship views.

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Bring your Plan to Life

It isn’t just about creating a strategic plan, but how you execute. Unlike traditional planning that is locked away in PowerPoint slides or spreadsheets, Elate helps ensure your plan is communicated to the entire company. 

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Drive Engagement with Tools Employees Already Use

Employees are weary of yet another software platform. That’s why Elate meets them where they already work. Integrations to Slack and Microsoft Teams streamline objective updates, while connections to tools like Salesforce and Jira remove the burden of double entry.

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Streamline Reporting for Proactive Decisions

Rather than static reporting on output-driven data, Elate helps Strategy and Operations leaders focus on outcomes. With real-time insight into Objective performance, drive decisions that help you execute your Strategic Plan.

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“We used to manage our departmental objectives with spreadsheets that each team owned and maintained in their own way and style. Elate has allowed us to track all of our objectives across our company in one location, all with the same cadence, process and look and feel.”

Zach Linder

SVP Operations @ Jobvite

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