Drive Success Through Your Review Process

Make better decisions with more complete information. Dynamic strategic planning enables you to execute more effectively by learning from your mistakes.

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It's that one source of truth we've been missing.
Emma Bates

Head of Operational Business Excellence

Identify Opportunities for Growth

You spend too much time building your strategic plan only to have it sit on the shelf. Bring your plan to life with Elate’s Plan Review and Reporting to understand what’s working and what’s not.

Establish Rituals for Reviewing

Combat meeting fatigue with a complete view into your team’s execution. Establish a cadence for how your team reviews objectives, metrics, and topics, all in one place.

Sales team topics and action items

Build on Past Results

Don’t lose sight of where you’ve been. Custom reporting and date filters allow you to look back on past performance and metrics to guide future decisions.

Sales team metrics

Report on Company Success

As you close out a quarter, don’t let the opportunity to highlight key wins and learnings pass you by. With Reporting in Elate, share team performance and summarize how the company executed the strategic plan.

Objective success report

Get More Out of Your Planning

Create an end-to-end lifecycle for your dynamic planning. Our team will partner alongside you to help transition quarters, audit future objectives, and evolve your structure as you grow.

Team plan

Don’t Know Where to Begin? We’re Here to Help

Built by Strategy and Operations Leaders for Strategy and Operations Leaders, we tackle planning and execution together.

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