The Rise in Strategy & Operations

Companies are investing earlier and more aggressively into Strategy & Operations teams, and this isn't slowing down any time soon. Elate helps today’s leaders make execution a competitive advantage.

The Elate Story

Built by Strategy and Operations Leaders, For Strategy and Operations Leaders

Elate was born out of the pain our founding team felt first hand building high growth companies. Not as CEOs, but as the Strategy and Operations Leaders partnering alongside those visionaries to take long-term vision and transform it into execution.

Yet, for the critical role that partnership plays in connecting vision and execution, many companies struggle to find alignment. Rather than a unified one, three, or five-year plan that outlines direction and empowers dynamic decision making, we’re left with a fractured framework that consistently creates friction within the business.

We leave annual planning offsites with dozens of spreadsheets, outlining countless metrics to be tracked and initiatives in need of manual updates. Or worse, we’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to use tools lended to us from other departments, such as project management tools, performance management software, or even OKR warehouses. But those tools simply weren’t created for Strategy and Operations.

That’s why we built Elate. A platform built by Strategy and Operations Leaders, for Strategy and Operations Leaders, to drive strategic planning and engagement in a new way.

Strategic Planning as a Competitive Advantage

With a focus on driving execution and bringing the company’s vision to life, strategic planning and engagement is at the heart of any great Strategy and Operations team. For today’s leaders, this often involves redefining the planning process and reshaping bad habits that plague so many leadership teams. For many companies, strategic planning is a process that occurs once a year in a two-day offsite, only to be revisited once a quarter (at best). The process lives in silos and the tools to track execution are filled with  static data and outdated updates.

At Elate, we believe that the planning process is a dynamic, ever-evolving framework that can serve as a competitive advantage for your business.

Elate is Where Decisions are Made with Confidence

At Elate, our goal is to amplify the impact of Strategy and Operations Leaders across any business. Yet, for many companies, introducing a Strategic Planning Platform is still a new concept.

But like any other area of your business, it isn’t just about finding the right people. It’s providing those leaders with the proper tools to perform at the highest level.

You wouldn’t ask a Sales Leader to operate without a CRM. You wouldn’t ask an Engineering Leader to work without a tool like Jira. So why would you expect best in class Strategy and Operations Leaders to execute without a solution to amplify their work across the company?

Meet Elate. The leading Strategic Planning software built to help high growth companies communicate their vision, create alignment, and track performance all in one place. It is the solution where decisions are made, and great companies are built.

Our Founding Team

Brooks Busch


Abby Parker


Rob Wagner

VP of Engineering

Our Advisors

Elan Mosbacher

Chief Business Officer, Clearcover

Russell Lester

CFO, Calendly

Brian Webb

Chief of Staff, Shortcut

Sydney Cummings

Chief of Staff, VP Business Ops, Terminus

Emad ElShawa

Chief of Staff, Fundbox

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