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Elate helps high growth companies build, execute, and review their strategic plan to drive alignment and visibility like never before.

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Dynamic Strategic Planning is Your New Competitive Advantage

Plan, execute, review

Amplify the Impact of Your Strategic Plan

Dynamic strategic planning is how world class teams align on a shared vision while focusing on execution at every step of the way. Welcome to the new standard for strategic planning.

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Build Your Strategic Plan with Buy-In

Elate enables world-class strategic planning with ease. Set long-term vision, define annual goals, and build quarterly objectives. All in one platform that brings your strategy to life.

Be the market leader in strategic planning software with objectives

Set and Align on Objectives Across Teams

Collaborate with executives, departments, and team members to establish objectives that are aligned with your company's goals.


Easily integrates with Slack


Easily integrates with Microsoft Teams

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Create a Unified View of Your Strategic Plan

Say goodbye to dozens of spreadsheets, slides, and scattered dashboards. Add your metrics and objectives to Elate to keep every part of your strategic plan in one place.

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Communicate Your Plan with Ease

You aren't done after you've built your plan. Share your strategy with team members to ensure visibility and transparency on current performance and future direction.

Remove Friction for Employees with Radically Simple Updates

Increase execution and engagement of your plan by meeting employees where they work. Slack, Microsoft Teams, and one click integrations ensure employees update their objectives on time, every time.

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Evaluate Plan Performance in Real-time

Proactively manage your strategic plan to identify bends before they become breaks. Assign blockers, monitor status, and celebrate success in a high performance culture.

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Unlock Real-time Reporting with Powerful Insights

Connect Elate with platforms you already use to drive visibility on progress around KPIs. Save countless hours when sharing insights and reports across your team.

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Improve Strategic Plan Forecasting

Don’t just set it and forget it when it comes to your Strategic Plan. With Elate, leverage the insights from your team’s performance to inform how you build future plans. Use past performance to supercharge future results.

Celebrate the Wins and Grow with the Learnings

Your Strategic Plan doesn’t live in a silo, and your team's success shouldn’t either. Share in the journey of reaching your company’s goals together and grow from the challenges that make you stronger along the way.

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Elate is where our most important strategic priorities come to life.
Margie Eggen

Chief of Staff

Tackling Strategic Planning Together

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