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We aim to make Elate the best place you’ve ever worked, with the best team you’ve ever worked with.

Our Values

These values are at the core of decisions we make, how we collaborate, and what we aim to be at Elate.

Grow Thoughtfully

We move quick, but intentionally. With each step forward we take, we do so with the end outcome in mind. We trust our gut and are mission-minded, ensuring that each opportunity we say “yes” to aligns with our end goal.

Embrace Challenges

We set lofty goals and do not fear the unknown. We see challenges as opportunities to grow individually and as a team. We know that nothing is impossible and do not fear failure, but rather welcome the opportunity to learn together.

Seek Feedback Early and Often

We know that two heads are better than one and that the best outcomes are born out of multiple iterations. We work quickly and seek continuous feedback, ensuring we are headed in the right direction. We pivot when needed and welcome constructive criticism in all that we do.

Lead With Empathy

We are people-first and take active interest in one another. We seek to listen and understand our teammates and customers. We encourage one another in becoming the best versions of ourselves personally and professionally.

Celebrate The Wins

We celebrate wins, both big and small, knowing that each and every success has a compounding effect. We lift one another up and spotlight each other’s accomplishments. We believe it is the small triumphs that ultimately set the stage for the large triumphs. No blame game, only fame game.

Perks & Benefits

Meaningful Equity Compensation
Flexible, Hybrid Working Environment
Time to Recharge

(1 week summer break and 1 week winter break)

Unlimited PTO
Modern Workstation

(MacBook, Second Monitor, Slack, and G Suite)

Health Care Plan
Parental Leave Policy
Downtown Indianapolis Office
Casual Dress Code

Seek Feedback Early and Often

At Elate, every voice in the room is valued and appreciated. We seek feedback early and often to embrace new thoughts, challenge our own, and ultimately become better as a team. Sharing your thoughts and ideas before they're fully baked takes a lot of courage, and it's contagious across our team. We share feedback because we care, we leave room for grace, and we put our heads together to win as a team.


Director of Customer Solutions

Celebrate The Wins

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and not take a step back to appreciate the journey. At Elate, we try to celebrate the wins, no matter how big or small. Whether it is an individual or team accomplishment, success is more fun when it’s shared.


Sales Development Manager

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Our Story

Elate was born out of the pain our founding team felt first hand building high growth companies.

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