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Discover a new way of reporting

By streamlining reporting workflows, simplifying information sharing, and saving hours in spreadsheets, Advanced Reporting shifts the focus from reviewing yesterday’s news to creating tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Our executives use Advanced Reporting to get caught up quickly without even needing to login.
Megan Longo

Chief of Staff

Advanced Reporting simplifies how information is gathered and shared, so leaders can focus on taking action, removing hurdles, and guiding their teams towards success.

Build Reports

Build insightful reports using data from your strategic initiatives within Elate.

Share Insights

Create shareable links and schedule recurring sends with the latest data from your plan.

Drive Action

Unlock dynamic meetings focused on removing hurdles and hitting company goals.


Create dynamic reports in no time.

No more digging through dozens of spreadsheets, slides, and dashboards to report on company progress.

Advanced Reporting’s drag-and-drop report builder gives you the power to take all of your company’s strategic objectives and measurables within Elate and create concise and consolidated reports in minutes. It’s that easy.


Easily share information across your business.

Advanced Reporting is the perfect tool to help streamline your reporting workflow.

Easily create shareable links and set up automatic sending schedules so everyone has the up-to-date information they need, when they need it. Whether it’s your weekly team meetings, monthly performance recaps, or quarterly board reports, Advanced Reporting makes sharing information among your teams a breeze.


of strategy and operations leaders spend more than

5 hours

per month on strategic reporting

*Based on a poll conducted on our reporting webinar (40 responses)


Spend more time driving action.

Excessive meeting time is often spent reviewing last week’s reports and progress updates. Advanced Reporting changes this.

By saving valuable hours on reporting and ensuring everyone is aligned ahead of time, Advanced Reporting transforms ordinary meetings into dynamic sessions - shifting the focus from what’s been done to driving action on your strategy.

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Reporting on your company's initiatives is painful and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

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