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Creating Opportunity through Courage and Confidence
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Creating Opportunity through Courage and Confidence

It’s easy to let opportunity pass you by in the workplace. Whether it’s not applying for that dream position you don’t feel qualified for quite yet or turning down an opportunity to work on an incredible project that you’re afraid to under deliver on, so often we let fear and self-doubt dissuade us from taking a chance. 

But time and time again, the best strategy and operations leaders we’ve met with on Aspiring Ops, have their careers changed forever from one pivotal moment. It’s so common that they can point to one career decision that felt so uncomfortable or unrealistic, yet they went for it anyway. 

For our recent guest on Aspiring Ops, Maariyah Choudery, her career journey began with a chance opportunity from JP Morgan that she thought was nothing more than a free trip to New York City. But as Maariyah shares, “Sometimes you just have to get lucky once to feel that you are a force to be reckoned with.”  

On this episode of Aspiring Ops, Maariyah shares her incredible journey from JP Morgan to Uber, and her ascent into the role of Chief of Staff to the VP of Global Business Development. She also gives a glimpse into how confidence and courage can help any aspiring leader pursue opportunities they might not feel qualified for on paper.

Our Takeaway

Very few leaders we’ve met with on Aspiring Ops inspire the level of confidence and encouragement as Maariyah. Her story is a testament to how hard-work and a growth mindset can serve as the foundation of success for any strategy and operations leader.

However, in addition to her advice and guidance on performing at the highest level in the Chief of Staff position, it’s incredible to hear how Maariyah has leveraged her voice and platform to encourage others to take their own risks. 

For Maariyah that comes in the form of empowering women and women of color to go after opportunities that they might not think they’re qualified for. 

As she shares on Aspiring Ops, “The job I applied for at Uber was looking for 4-6 years of work experience, and I had one. I went for the job anyway.” Further, Maariyah outlines how doubt can creep into our mind, “I think a lot of the times we limit ourselves to begin with. We take ourselves out of the race, because we don’t feel like we have the qualifications.” 

It isn’t lost on us just how important it is to highlight the voices of amazingly talented leaders like Maariyah for future leaders. Our hope is that Maariyah’s story serves as encouragement for those that might be nervous to take the leap and pursue that dream job or company. 

But regardless of whether you are looking to make the transition into strategy and operations or those simply seeking advice on how they continue leveling up their skills, Maariyah’s advice holds true no matter where you are in your career journey. 

For those looking to break into tech and follow Maariyah, check her out @lifewithmaars

Interested in learning more about Uber or potential career opportunities? Visit their site here

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