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The Importance of Perspective in Strategy and Operations
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The Importance of Perspective in Strategy and Operations

The responsibilities of strategy and operations roles can vary significantly between different companies. However, when we delve into the fundamental characteristics of these roles, we can usually identify a common set of traits, experiences, and required skill sets that can be connected across the board.

Of all strategy and operations roles, the Chief of Staff is arguably the most ambiguous of them all. There is no predefined career path to becoming a Chief of Staff, as it entirely depends on the needs of the organization. Nevertheless, when it comes to leading strategic initiatives and fostering unity across an organization, having a Chief of Staff with a diverse background can be incredibly valuable.

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Just ask Mike Sellberg, who is currently serving as Interim Chief Product Officer and Chief of Staff at Coviance - a fintech company that’s making the home equity lending process simpler, faster, and more scalable.

On this episode of Aspiring Ops, Mike shares how his unique background has equipped him with the tools and perspective needed to successfully scale companies to new heights.

Our Takeaway

On paper, Mike's product-focused background may not align with the typical expectations for a Chief of Staff. However, for Mike, the experience of wearing multiple hats at early-stage companies has made all the difference. It has provided him with a set of lenses through which he can establish processes that connect product teams to marketing, marketing to sales, sales to customer success, and everything in between.

And it makes perfect sense. When it comes to strategy and operations, having a broad perspective is essential for building cross-team collaboration and alignment. This sometimes involves looking at other departments and identifying the right individuals to leverage their expertise. Other times, it means seeking fresh talent from outside your industry, which can bring new insights and a unique perspective.

Ultimately, understanding the landscape around you is key for strategy and operations leaders. The more perspectives you have on your side, the greater the likelihood of successfully propelling your company forward.

To learn more about Coviance, please visit their website.

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