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In the meantime, here are a few ways companies are executing better with Elate.

Seismic achieved 87% of their objectives and saved over 100 hours per quarter on reporting and slide presentations by making OKRs a part of their company culture.

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By building relationships between executive team's objectives and departmental objectives, Paystand drove cross-functional alignment that saw a 750% increase in status updates after just 3 months.

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"Elate helps us ensure the teams are focused on the most important things that drive our growth and are aligned to our long-term vision without a lot of overhead.”

Peter Clare

CEO of Relode

The Elate Story

Built by Strategy and Operations Leaders, For Strategy and Operations Leaders

Elate was born out of the pain our founding team felt first hand building high growth companies. Not as CEOs, but as the Strategy and Operations Leaders partnering alongside those visionaries to take long-term vision and transform it into execution.

Yet, for the critical role that partnership plays in connecting vision and execution, many companies struggle to find alignment. Rather than a unified one, three, or five-year plan that outlines direction and empowers dynamic decision making, we’re left with a fractured framework that consistently creates friction within the business.

We leave annual planning offsites with dozens of spreadsheets, outlining countless metrics to be tracked and initiatives in need of manual updates. Or worse, we’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to use tools lended to us from other departments, such as project management tools, performance management software, or even OKR warehouses. But those tools simply weren’t created for Strategy and Operations.

That’s why we built Elate. A platform built by Strategy and Operations Leaders, for Strategy and Operations Leaders, to drive strategic planning and engagement in a new way.

Elate Increased Visibility and Decreased Headaches

Elate addresses a problem no one else has solved. Integrated dashboards, tracking objectives, connecting to themes - these are all needed to run a leadership team effectively.

– Kip Z, Chief Operating Officer
Elate - A Strategic Toolset for Success

Very intuitive. Logically laid out and simple and succinct. Drives strategic and measurable goals that impact the business.

– Gerry H, President & CEO
Sophisticated Simplicity

Elate has made its software incredibly simple and easy to use. Most of their competitors have made very complex tools that are not helpful in driving an efficient OKR planning and reporting process.

– Dana A, COO
Elated for Elate

Elate has enabled us as a business to collectively bridge gaps and break siloes between departments and teams. The ability to connect the company's goals to strategic objectives in a clear and concise data-driven format has created a platform that drives transparent conversations amongst leaders and naturally facilities prioritization for teams.

– Taylor Y, Operations Manager
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