How Holiday Extras Takes a Cultural Approach to Strategic Alignment
Discovering the Opportunity

Holiday Extras specializes in enhancing the travel experience for over 8 million travelers annually by offering services like airport parking, hotels, lounges, and travel insurance. Their mantra, "Less hassle, more holiday," reflects their commitment to making vacations stress-free.

In the fast-paced environment of the travel industry, Holiday Extras, as a company of their size, believed that to reach the next level of growth, they needed to establish a clear vision and alignment throughout the organization.

Implementing & Embracing Change

We firmly believe that a successful strategic plan requires excellence in three areas: the right people to formulate the strategy, the right processes to ensure its delivery, and employing the right solutions to bring it all to life. 

Years of managing their strategy in spreadsheets, slide decks, and word documents resulted in disparate sources of information across the company, and Holiday Extras recognized the need for a more cohesive approach. So they set out to find a solution that would provide a single source of truth and facilitate alignment towards their strategic goals.

After exploring various options, Emma Bates, Head of Operational Business Excellence, noted that Elate's simplicity and adaptability were particularly impressive, allowing Holiday Extras to be agile and responsive to changes in pace. She emphasized how Elate's user experience effectively mirrored the hierarchical process of constructing and evolving a strategy, serving as a valuable visual tool for communicating the strategy throughout the organization.

Unlocking Growth

Holiday Extras is committed to going above and beyond to create a culture around their strategy. At this year's company kickoff, the Holiday Extras team released a video called "The Goalfather" to build the desired connection and alignment around their top priorities for the year. With the right people on board and the right operating cadence to support their strategy, Holiday Extras sees Elate as the solution to bring it all together.

Even in the emergent stages of Elate, Emma notes that the discussions they now have at a strategic level are much more focused, and there is a new sense of alignment around their strategy and decision-making processes. When asked what she’s most excited about, Emma points to having a central point of reference for strategic planning, real-time status updates, and the ability to drill down into the details of how they’re progressing against their goals.

With Elate as their compass, Holiday Extras looks forward to a promising future as they continue on their journey of growth and excellence in the travel industry.

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