How VieCure Leverages Elate to Align Their Leadership Team
Who is VieCure?

VieCure is the leading artificial intelligence platform and cancer knowledge base that empowers providers to personalize and manage patient care to make seemingly impossible outcomes possible and to make overcoming cancer a reality for patients. With over 130 years of expertise in cancer care on their leadership team, VieCure is on a mission to ensure that every cancer patient lives their best life.

Problems VieCure Needed to Solve

As VieCure continued to tackle the challenges related to Cancer Care, driving alignment with a growing number of initiatives at the leadership level was essential. However, with a manual process in place that consisted of tracking objectives in spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides, VieCure struggled to align their teams and cast a clear understanding of what priorities mattered most to the business.

Further, with objectives and KPIs being siloed across dozens of spreadsheets, there wasn’t a clear, reliable source for where and when updates were being provided.

With the goal of creating a unified view of key initiatives across the business, VieCure needed a solution that provided a seamless way for team members to share the necessary information that drove proactive decision making, and allowed the team to meet deadlines that were critical to their business.

Why Elate?
Making Elate An Easy “Yes”

The leadership team at VieCure recognized that there had to be a better way for them to visualize and track their objectives outside of their current process. They also wanted to make sure KPIs could be pulled in from their data sources to automatically reflect progress on their OKRs.

From the unification of Mission, Vision and Values on the company page to the intuitiveness of the platform, VieCure knew that the Elate solution was going to be cruitial for their continued growth.

When the VieCure team saw how seamless and simple the Elate platform made these processes for them, it was a quick and easy “yes.”

Results For VieCure

VieCure needed a solution that aligned their exec team and created efficiency from day one. Here are some of their results:

Aligning Leadership through OKRs to Drive Success

With Elate, VieCure’s leadership team has seen increased clarity on priorities and focus areas across the company.

With a 75%+ OKR success rate in two consecutive quarters, it is clear that this increased focus is paying off. The alignment created by the consistent framework helps drive accountability throughout the organization, ensuring that everyone knows what they are responsible for and when they are expected to complete tasks. In the end, having strong visibility and alignment drives success.

Creating a Unified View of Objectives

By creating a unified view of Objectives in Elate, VieCure was able to establish a strong cadence for regularly reviewing the priorities moving their business forward.

Rather than creating silos of data or multiple tools for tracking initiatives, Elate served as the single source to to help facilitate regular weekly updates. Leveraging the Elate platform for updates and collaboration has created a consistent way to track progress and action items.

With one consistent source of truth, the VieCure team feels more confident than ever in their ability to give timely and accurate updates on projects across the team.

Shifting Time From Reporting to Driving Results

In addition to increased alignment across teams, creating efficiency and time savings was a key focus for the VieCure team in moving forward with Elate.

By Leveraging Elate’s pre-built integrations, the VieCure team has been able to save an estimated 80+ hours per quarter. This time savings has helped the team shift their focus from tracking down updates to taking action. Further, these integrations ensure that team members can take a more proactive approach to decision making with real-time insights at their fingertips.

As heavy users of Elate’s integration with Slack, providing updates and reporting on metrics have never been easier for VieCure. In the words of their CEO, Gerry Hogue, “The updates are made so simple that there is zero excuse not to do them.” When teams spend less time gathering updates they're able to spend more time having the important conversations about where to go next.

Competitive Advantage
Dynamic Strategic Planning as a Competitive Edge

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