Thriving Amidst Change: Radiant Logic's Journey to a 115% Surge in Services Revenue
Who is Radiant Logic?

Radiant Logic is a leading enterprise Identity Data Platform company that helps organizations combat complexity and strengthen security by making identity data easy to use, manage, and protect. The RadiantOne Platform turns identity data into a strategic asset, enabling organizations to improve decision-making, accelerate innovation, and minimize risk. Radiant Logic has a global footprint with six offices in the United States and Europe. 


After an exciting acquisition and new Senior Leadership hires, Radiant Logic was struggling to find a way to align the organization on their strategic plan. Departments were siloed which limited collaboration and visibility into cross-team objectives. Tracking key initiatives and status updates became an enormous lift, and it was unclear to employees how their work impacted the business as a whole.

The Solution

Radiant Logic partnered with Elate to build a new, sustainable operating framework to scale across the organization. After a successful offsite leveraging Elate’s Consulting Services, Senior Leadership was finally able to provide their teams a platform that provided them visibility into how their day to day work tied into the company’s strategic plan. Elate gave employees an easy way to provide updates on Objectives, a platform that provided real-time data on OKRs, and a new operating cadence that gained buy-in on Radiant Logic’s strategy.

The Results

With a unified view on how Objectives are prioritized and connected across teams, Radiant Logic’s Services team increased departmental revenue by 115%. Elate’s Slack integration and Nudge Report features helped provide a 137% increase in status updates on key objectives by meeting employees where they worked already. Lastly, with a new operating framework and buy-in across the organization, Elate empowered Radiant Logic to achieve an 83% success rate on their yearly objectives.

The Challenges
First-to-Market Acquisition Creates Operational Challenges for Radiant Logic

Like so many companies, Radiant Logic was focused on reaching the next stage of growth. They had just acquired a complementary solution that would give them a first-to-market identity data platform and were on the heels of building out a world-class leadership team. 

While the acquisition and new Senior Leadership hires generated excitement, there were many organizational changes that needed to be strategically thought through, and Senior Leadership knew that alignment was needed if they wanted to ensure a successful integration and capitalize on the positive momentum.

Initially, Radiant Logic sought to drive alignment with their strategy and execution across the entire company. But after trying a number of project management tools and manual processes, Radiant Logic struggled to find a succinct way to drive collaboration across teams in a way that supported the outcomes they were trying to achieve. It became an enormous amount of lift for teams and created silos that limited visibility into cross-departmental objectives.

Because of this they decided to focus their initial efforts on the Services department, which after the acquisition, included their Customer Support, System Integrations, and Customer Experience teams. Radiant Logic figured that if they could gain buy-in and a successful adoption of a new operating framework with a department that accounted for over half of the company’s headcount, it would then fuel growth for the organization as a whole.

Chad McDonald, Radiant Logic’s Chief of Staff, was brought in to do just that. However, similar to what many Chiefs of Staff experience, bringing together so many moving pieces is easier said than done.

Radiant Logic knew that if they wanted to exceed objectives across the Senior Leadership team and Services department, they would need to implement a new operating framework that created a clear, consistent way to align teams and drive visibility. 

Finding a solution to solve this challenge was no longer a nice to have, but a requirement for Radiant Logic. 

Search for Partner & Solution
Radiant Logic Seeks Partner to Help Build Out Strategic Plan

As Radiant Logic looked to elevate their operating framework and alignment across the organization, they sought to find a partner who could come alongside them on the journey. 

One of Radiant Logic’s main priorities was that they found a platform that would help them create a unified view of Objectives and OKRs across the company to eliminate departmental silos.

“We needed a centralized plan and to make the company less siloed”, McDonald said. “There were too many irons in the fire. Everyone had their own way of doing things and there wasn’t enough cross-departmental collaboration going on at the time. We needed to find a way to fix that and build stronger habits.”

Radiant Logic also knew that company-wide buy-in was critical for them in order to execute on their plan, so they needed a solution that was intuitive and easy-to-use for employees. 

A few of the critical areas of their evaluation of platforms (and partners) included: 

  1. A software that could automate updates on key objectives
  2. A solution that would create a single-source of truth to drive Services and Senior Leadership team meetings 
  3. A partner organization with expertise in strategy that could help build out their new operating cadence
  4. A platform that would remove duplicate work for employees and integrate with the tools they work in today

After reviewing solutions ranging from project management to performance management, Radiant Logic partnered with Elate because they believed it was the only platform that could deliver on their requirements and so much more.

And they were right.

Phase 1: Consulting Services
Senior Leadership Sets Strong Foundation With Elate’s Consulting Services

Prior to rolling out Elate to the entire company, Radiant Logic focused their initial implementation on the Senior Leadership Team and Services department. 

To do so, they leveraged Elate’s Consulting Services to ensure they were creating a sustainable framework that could scale across the organization while also developing the right habits for long term success. 

The scope of the services to bring the framework to life consisted of the following deliverables: 

  • Strategic Planning Offsite Collateral 
  • Customized Playbook
  • Objective Framework Coaching
Building the Framework for Radiant Logic’s Strategic Planning Offsite

With all of the recent changes, Radiant Logic needed to be aligned on their overall strategic direction as the company moved into the new year. Senior Leadership agreed that the best time to gain agreement was during their upcoming annual offsite. 

Elate’s Consulting Services first provided the Radiant Logic team with the collateral and framework needed to set a foundation oriented around their Mission, Vision and Values (MVV) for the organization. 

After defining the MVV foundation, the rest of Elate’s Strategic Planning collateral helped Radiant Logic build out their annual themes and quarterly objectives and annual themes connect those back to the company’s overall strategy. 

Creating a Customized Playbook for Radiant Logic

At Elate, once we help an organization set the structure for their Strategic Plan, there comes an often overlooked part of the process: establishing the operating rhythm

Whether intentional or not, many companies see this as a ‘set it and forget it’ part of the process. But this is one of the most important steps. It gains buy-in across the team and establishes how, when, and why you review the execution of your strategy. So when it’s ignored, companies are setting themselves up for failure. 

Elate worked with Radiant Logic’s Senior Leadership team to create a customized Playbook to define how their teams would provide updates and when those updates would be collaboratively reviewed. 

Not only did this help establish a rhythm that would create clarity for employees, it also ensured that there was a defined process that employees could reference for determining the success of their objectives and ensure focus on what mattered most to the business. 

Objective Framework Coaching

While it was critical for Elate to gain buy-in from teams and employees throughout Radiant Logic, there was also a focus on enabling key internal stakeholders to help continue building on the momentum from introducing an Objective framework. 

Elate partners on a monthly basis to provide 1-on-1 coaching for team members to continue up-leveling the way Radiant Logic runs their operating framework. Not only did this help establish the muscle for running Objectives within the business, but it also helped strengthen the process with best-in-class practices and training. 

After spending time to set a strong foundation, Radiant Logic’s Senior Leadership team could now roll out a platform - Elate - that had buy-in and adoption across teams. 

With clarity and context behind the purpose of their Objectives, employees took to adopting Elate and incorporating it into their regular rhythms in a way that set up long-term success.

Phase 2: Operating Framework
Bringing Radiant Logic’s New Operating Framework to Life

Without the right behaviors and internal buy-in, many companies experience unsuccessful software implementations. To mitigate the risk of failed roll-out, Elate worked with Senior Leadership and the Services department to ensure teams were aligned on the new framework. 

Elate finally provided employees visibility into how their day-to-day work was connected to the company’s long-term vision.

“Thanks to Elate’s expertise and software solution, we are finally rowing in the same direction. There is a new energy and excitement about where we are going as an organization, and everyone feels that they’re a part of it,” McDonald said.

Employees Provide Consistent Updates on Objectives

While different teams had been trying to track key initiatives across spreadsheets and different project management tools, Elate provided a centralized view of all Objectives and OKRs taking place across the Services department. This gave them the ability to track outcomes, rather than outputs.

Further, after feeling burned in the past by attempts to introduce yet another software tool to track Objectives, the ease-of-use and intuitiveness of updates through Slack helped drive engagement in a scalable way within all levels of the organization.  

Consistent updates are critical to knowing what is going on with your strategic plan. For Radiant Logic, employees are now reminded to update the status of their objectives every week. This eliminates manual follow-ups and time spent tracking down data spread across various spreadsheets.

Operating Rhythm Brings New Focus on Outcomes in Team Meetings

With the Senior Leadership and Services department using Elate to drive their weekly team meetings, Radiant Logic is able to focus their discussions around Objectives and OKRs in a consistent manner. Rather than being driven by non-critical topics, Radiant Logic leverages Elate to stay aligned on the initiatives moving the business forward. 

Elate brought to life the operating framework and rhythm for Radiant Logic. While the platform powers the ongoing success of Radiant Logic’s operating framework, Elate’s expertise and consultative approach helped set the foundation that defined the cadence and rhythms of the business. 

Elate’s Objective Relationships Feature Increases Alignment

With Elate’s Relationship View feature, Radiant Logic’s Services department could now visualize how each Objective was connected and supported. By highlighting the different dependencies across teams, Elate helped tear down the silos that previously existed and showed employees the impact their work had across the entire organization.

In addition to providing employees a simplified way to understand how each Objective impacted the business, Objective Relationships made it easier to communicate how one initiative falling behind can impact the ability to hit company goals.

Rather than operating in a vacuum with outdated objective and subjective information, Radiant Logic can now proactively take control of their ability to execute. This proactive monitoring allows their leadership team to adjust their plan or put corrective actions in place to help ensure delivery. 

Building an End-to-End Process for Strategic Planning

For so many companies, Strategic Planning is done in siloes. It is built in PowerPoint slides, updated in Excel, and reported on in dashboards. Not only does this create misalignment, confusion, and a lack of clarity, but it also turns Strategic Planning into a cumbersome process that is hard to transition quarter over quarter. 

Since Radiant Logic is able to map their strategic framework to Elate’s platform, Senior Leadership now has a consistent approach they plan to utilize when evaluating quarterly outcomes and planning objectives for the next.

Measurable Results
Radiant Logic Achieves Measurable Results With Elate

Now, more than ever, it’s critical that companies can tie an ROI to the software solutions used across the business. For Radiant Logic, the roll out of Elate not only helped save hours of manual work for team members, but it also directly contributed to their ability to exceed revenue goals.

With Elate, the Radiant Logic Senior Leadership team and Services department saw the following results:

Services Department’s Revenue Grows 115%

Let’s not bury the lede. With the ability to finally provide a unified view for how Objectives are prioritized and connected across teams, Radiant Logic created an operating framework with Elate that helped drive better alignment and collaboration. This elevated process helped drive an 115% increase in Services Revenue. With a focus on business outcomes, Radiant Logic saw a measurable impact after introducing Elate to the Services department. 

“Since introducing Elate, we have seen a 115% increase in services revenue. With Elate serving as the solution to bring our operating framework to life, we have visibility into OKRs across teams, and employees have clarity on how they prioritize their work with the direction of Radiant Logic.”

- Chad McDonald, Chief of Staff and CISO

83% Success Rate On Yearly Objectives

For companies today, only 50% of teams review their Objectives regularly, and more importantly, only 30% of Objectives succeed annually. 

With Elate, Radiant Logic has seen an average Objective Success Rate of 83% over the past year. That isn’t just a flash in the pan, but a long-term structure that drives success throughout the business. 

Elate helped Radiant Logic bring together all three phases of Strategy: Build, Execute and Review. This holistic process enabled their Services team to build a plan they could execute with conviction quarter after quarter.

137% Increase In Status Updates on Senior Leadership’s Objectives

Part of the challenge in gaining visibility into Objectives across Teams is the adoption of an Operating Framework. For most employees, the idea of adding yet another tool can be frustrating, especially when you have to live in that tool daily or weekly. 

However, Elate meets employees where they already work from today. 

With Elate’s Slack integration, Radiant Logic was able to provide team members with an easy, intuitive way to provide updates and commentary on their Objectives. Not only does this help drive action, but it significantly reduces the time employees spend trying to provide updates manually. 

With the integration to Slack and Elate’s nudge report to send reminders, Radiant Logic increased the number of status updates provided by employees by 137%. 

Take Action
Strategic Planning to Drive Measurable Results

Are you interested in learning more about how today’s leading companies are leveraging their Strategic Planning process to more effectively meet their goals and drive measurable results?  

Unlike Strategic Planning of the past that was viewed as a static, outdated box that had to be checked by leadership, today’s leaders view planning as a dynamic, real-time process that can serve as a competitive advantage. 

Our team would love to spend some time understanding what Strategic Planning looks like for your company today, and how we can help take it to the next level. Reach out to a member of our team, and we’ll be in touch today to schedule time to share how Elate can help make Strategic Planning a competitive edge.

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