Guide to Building a Successful Operating Rhythm

Tips and best practices on building the right muscle that supports your strategy.
About this guide and what's included:

So your fiscal plan is set. You’ve wrapped up your offsite, presented to the board, and nailed down your operating plan. You've even ensured that there's a unified view of your strategy, easily accessible to employees whenever they need it. Smooth sailing from here, right?

However, now is the most critical point in your role as a Strategy and Operations Leader - executing. Over 67% of plans fail - not because they were inherently flawed, but because the organization lacked the right operating rhythm to drive success.

This guide is full of tips and best practices to ensure you have the right operating cadence that supports your strategy for the long haul. We dive into:

  • Building company-wide rituals
  • The 3 action-items when providing updates on your Objectives
  • How to review your Objectives
  • Best practices on running effective leadership meetings
  • How to structure your pre-read reports
  • Tips on transitioning quarters, and more!

Whether you already have an operating cadence in place or you’re starting from scratch, we hope this guide will help you either establish a rhythm for success or enhance your existing one.

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