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Elate helps your company realize the power and potential of data. With everyone on the same page, scale your dream company faster.

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Let our pre-built dashboards do the hard work of assembling your KPIs. Simply select from any of our templates, add your own metrics, and redefine reporting for your team and investors.

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Transparent Reporting
Get to the heart of what is happening in your business with real-time scorecards. Enable your team to easily share updates, measure performance, and streamline data for the whole organization to consume.
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Connect Your Teams, Increase Collaboration
Elate empowers your company to easily incorporate a goal-setting framework to increase visibility and alignment on cross-functional initiatives.
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Pulse Checks For Busy Teams
Avoid constant follow up emails. Stop waiting on teams to update spreadsheets. Quickly see when objectives and metrics are on track or behind in Elate.
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Build A Data-Driven Narrative
Dig into your data and analyze with purpose. Elate is the simplest tool to help you build a story around your initiatives. With the flexibility of the tools in Elate, visualizing your data has never been easier.
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One-Click Integrations
You don’t have to switch the tools you already love. We’ll meet you where you are. Elate integrates with popular tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Quickbooks, and Jira.

Whether your sales team is tracking new business, or your CFO is tracking cash-on-hand, Elate has an integration to make your job easier. 
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