4 Steps to Build and Roll Out Your Strategic Plan
February 8, 2023
4 Steps to Build and Roll Out Your Strategic Plan

Building out your strategic plan in a consistent, repeatable way will help your company adapt to change, make better decisions, and move faster together.

Below is a 4-step process to help your team get started.

Step 1 - Build a Strategic Planning Framework

A goal-setting framework will help your team align high-level strategy with tactical execution. A hierarchical structure increases focus and commitment to your top priorities.

Example Strategic Planning Framework

Step 2 - Define Each Layer

While your framework will have many cascading layers, monitor the quantity of each to drive focus across the team.

Strategic Planning Best Practices

Step 3 - Establish Rituals

After finalizing objectives, defining how a plan is executed is just as important as the goals being set. To increase accountability and drive proactive conversations, teams must establish 3 key rituals from the onset.

Strategic Planning Rituals

Step 4 - Roll Out the Plan in Phases

To avoid false starts and increase adoption, roll out the Strategic Plan in phases. Start with the Leadership Team to develop a smooth operating cadence before adding in additional layers over time.

Rolling Out Your Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning as a Competitive Edge

To summarize, the 4 steps to building and rolling out your Strategic Plan are:

  1. Build a Strategic Planning Framework
  2. Define Each Layer
  3. Establish Rituals
  4. Roll Out the Plan in Phases

Are you interested in learning more about how today’s leading companies are leveraging their Strategic Planning process as a competitive edge?

Unlike Strategic Planning of the past, today’s Strategy and Operations leaders are evolving to meet the needs of their company. Rather than a static, manual process that feels more like checking a box, Elate can help evolve Strategic Planning to be a dynamic, real-time process that serves as a competitive advantage.

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