Building a Community of Strategy and Operations Leaders
August 25, 2023
Building a Community of Strategy and Operations Leaders

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In This Edition:

  • 📆 Upcoming 2024 Strategic Planning & Networking Forum
  • 🎧 We countdown the top 5 Aspiring Ops episodes
  • 📊 The impact of Advanced Reporting feature release
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Building a Community of Strategy and Operations Leaders

If you were to explore Elate’s Story on our website, you would encounter the phrase ‘Built by Strategy and Operations Leaders, For Strategy and Operations Leaders’. This is because we lived firsthand the opportunity and challenge of partnering with visionary leaders to take long-term vision and transform it into execution. 💥

However, when we built Elate, our objective wasn’t solely centered around building a platform. We wanted to come alongside organizations as a partner to help bring their strategies to life. And in doing so, invest in building the community of Strategies and Operations Leaders we work with every day.

We first began this journey by launching a podcast called Aspiring Ops, a series designed to amplify the voices of world-class Strategy & Operations Leaders as they share their personal stories and provide practical steps we can all take to help scale our companies and ourselves as leaders.

Remarkably, Aspiring Ops gained more traction than we could have ever imagined, and is one of the leading Strategy and Operations podcasts (more on this below). Yet, we recognized it couldn’t end there. We struck a chord with the community and witnessed the desire of so many leaders to grow in their role.

This led us to partnering with organizations like Voray to facilitate the continued sharing of best practices, lessons learned, and guidance on Strategic Planning and Execution.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce an even greater expansion of our efforts.

Come September 21st 📆, in partnership with Voray, we will be hosting an event right here in Indianapolis and bring together a panel of best-in-class strategy, operations, and business leaders for a discussion on Strategic Planning and Execution.

With a wealth of experience under their belts, Megan Longo, Chief of Staff at Buildertrend, Jeanene Bettner, COO at Thornburg, and Conner Burt, former Co-founder at Lessonly, will be joining me for a discussion ranging from lessons learned, best practices, and strategic frameworks they’ve seen across companies of different stages. (Check out the agenda).

Panel for September 21st

Although this event will be taking place in Indianapolis, it is just the first step of a broader journey. 🌏 With a global footprint, Elate works with companies of all sizes across nearly every continent, and we want to continue building this incredible community alongside each of you.

This is a really special moment for us, because it brings us that much closer to building a stronger community of business leaders that can grow and learn from each other.

If you have interest in attending the event, you can learn more about the event and register here. If you are looking for some help getting to the event, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be more than happy to share logistics and travel tips for coming to Indy!

September 21
Join us September 21st for a fun evening of drinks, networking, and learning.

Countdown of the top 5 Aspiring Ops episodes of all-time 💫

When we initially launched Aspiring Ops, we weren’t really sure what to expect. Drawing from our own experience, we recognized a void in content that truly nurtured the growth of young, aspiring Strategy and Operations Leaders.

After five enriching seasons and over 50 episodes, we believed it was time to reflect on the path we’ve traveled and the community we’ve helped build along the way. So, we're revisiting the top episodes of all-time to relive some of the pivotal moments that made them so special. 🌟

We begin the countdown with episode #21, Providing Clarity in the Chief of Staff Role, featuring Céline Felan, Chief of Staff at SugarCRM.

This episode aired back in 2021, and it was at the bleeding edge for how many companies were beginning to think about the impact of the Chief of Staff role. In particular, a number of companies were starting to feel the effects of hiring for the Chief of Staff position because it was the popular thing to do, but not having a clear grasp as to what the role truly entailed.

Quick takeways:

As Céline shares, the Chief of Staff role is set up to provide clarity to the organization, managing expectations, and bringing people together.

It’s easy to say, ‘we want to be clear, aligned, and transparent as a company,’ but it’s much harder to actually follow through on that. Céline emphasizes that the Chief of Staff is tasked with bringing together different teams, departments, and projects to work towards a common goal. These individuals often have a superpower when it comes to building collective buy-in and seeing ideas through to the completion.

Click here for the episode notes - and to keep a tab on the updated list as we unveil them.

We launched Advanced Reporting - and it's been a hit 🚀

Over the past few weeks you might have seen our announcement on the release of Advanced Reporting. This is a feature near and dear to our hearts, because I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent in past lives putting together reports, presentations, and spreadsheets trying to provide context to key initiatives across organizations. ⏳

Advanced Reporting solves that challenge by shifting the time spent reporting on yesterday’s news to reporting on tomorrow’s opportunities.

If you missed the webinar, you can check it out here on Youtube. We also have a quick demo/preview video for those interested in a demo of the feature.

With over 65% of Strategy and Operations Leaders self-reporting that they spend more than 5 hours per month putting together static reports, Advanced Reporting has the chance to automate and streamline this process in a way that allows them to have a greater impact across their organization.

Check it out for yourself and if you're interested in taking it for a spin I'd be happy to walk through it with you.

That's all for today... have a great rest of your week.