Case Study: California Closets Levels Up With Elate
May 1, 2020
Case Study: California Closets Levels Up With Elate

👋 Meet California Closets

California Closets helps people transform their homes and lives by creating custom storage solutions. As an industry leader, innovator, and trusted partner known for the highest quality and craftsmanship, they are committed to designing better lives. California Closets leverages Elate's platform to power their executive team meetings each week.

More Meetings, Less Outcomes

There’s no doubt that leadership team meetings are valuable. However, as the comic above illustrates, without the proper structure to those meetings, that value can quickly be lost. This is why the California Closets team follows the L10 Meeting structure from EOS. The purpose of the structure is to ensure meetings are so effective that each member of the team would rate the meeting as a 10/10. 

With a focus on surfacing high priority issues and coming up with solutions, each team member leaves the meeting with a clear understanding of what they are responsible for and where the company stands in achieving their goals (or “rocks” as they are called in EOS).   

Systems Overload

To ensure the team is able to review their scorecards, updates on rocks, and discuss topics and action items efficiently, the California Closets team leverages Elate each Monday to power their leadership team meetings. Previously, the team navigated through several software solutions for the various sections of their meeting. 

With Elate, they now have all of their key metrics, company objectives, and critical topics in one unified platform, seamlessly connecting the entire business. This allows them to spend more time solving business needs and less time switching tabs and solutions to get to the right information. 

Prioritize, Discuss, Create Action

With Elate's Topics section, California Closets is able to work through a list of items they need to discuss, based on priority. This allows their team focus on high priority issues first, before moving onto topics that are less impactful to the business. From there, they can quickly convert topics into action items as next steps are agreed upon, ensuring each team member understands their responsibilities and no one is left pointing fingers. 

Thank You, California Closets!

We are incredibly excited to be partnering with California Closets. They are a wonderful organization with great leadership. We are proud to enable their team with Elate.

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