It's Time We Change The Status Quo of Reporting
July 15, 2023
It's Time We Change The Status Quo of Reporting

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Let’s not bury the lead. You may have noticed something different about the third edition of the newsletter…we officially have a name! 🎉

After considering a number of great suggestions from folks, we ended up settling on something that we felt aligned well with the intent for the newsletter in the first place:

The Pulse: Insights for Strategy Leaders

I mean, is there really a better way to illustrate the role of Strategy Leaders within their organization? While the CEO casts the vision, Strategy Leaders truly bring it to life. They work across all areas of the organization, ensuring everyone is in rhythm and playing from the same sheet of music 🎵.

In fact, this is something we’ve been seeing more and more across leading organizations over the past few weeks.

Let's get into it.

Executive Reporting is Reactive. It's Time We Change That.

Gone are the days where Strategy and Operations Leaders simply served as mouthpieces to report on ‘business as usual’ metrics or progress of initiatives for the organization. Today, Strategy and Operations Leaders have shifted their focus from reporting on yesterday’s news to creating tomorrow’s opportunities.

Like so many Strategy and Operations Leaders, I’ve spent countless hours ⌛ trying to gather updates on initiatives or KPIs, only to spend more time attempting to compile them into PowerPoint presentations or spreadsheets to share with the Executive Team.

Even worse, this information isn’t reviewed before the meeting. Instead, the meeting turns into a roll call where every Leader simply gives an update on the status or progress to show their team did work in the past week. Not only is this an enormous waste of time, but frankly, it creates a reactive, static approach to how companies execute their strategic plan.

The best Strategy and Operations Leaders have sought to streamline how they bring together information across the organization in a succinct way. And now, with so much data readily available, they are seeking to take the next step: leveraging that data to take action.

At Elate, we refer to it as a ‘bias to action.’ 🚀

Rather than sitting back or playing from your back foot, we think of it as playing from the front foot, where you can take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

In order to achieve this, your company needs 3 elements:

  1. Create a unified view of your company strategy 🌎
  2. Establish a clear & concise way to bring together subjective updates 🗣️ from team members with objective data 📊 that's tied back to the strategy
  3. Automate reporting on “What’s Happened?” in order to shift the conversation to “What Can We Do About It?”

Many teams have a great start on the first two, but the third has still evaded countless great leaders. Which is why I’m so excited to share that at the end of July, Elate will be releasing Advanced Reporting 📈; a feature designed to give context to your data and share the necessary insights with leaders to drive action.

Advanced Reporting from Elate
Advanced Reporting is set to be released in late July.

That said, even for those not leveraging Elate (we have to change that!) I hope that if this newsletter got across one message, it’s this: Don’t sit through one more meeting with your Executive Team where everyone simply goes around the room recapping "what's happened" without action.

Shift the mindset from reactive reporting to a dynamic conversation focused on taking action, removing hurdles, and ensuring your teams are driving towards success.

🎥 On-Demand Webinar: Connecting Strategy with Execution

On June 28th, Jacey, our Director of Customer Solutions, and I hosted a webinar focused on bridging the gap between long-term strategy and short-term execution. We are thrilled with the positive responses and couldn't be happier about how it turned out.

We also introduced our latest (but not for long!) feature, Tactics, and showcased how companies are utilizing it to align their employees’ goals with their strategic objectives.

If you were one of the many that attended or provided feedback - thank you! 🙌 If you missed it but would like to watch the recording on-demand, or share with someone you think would be interested, here you go: Watch The Recording On-Demand.

New Customer Story Spotlight 💡

I’m thrilled to finally share our latest customer story!

Like so many companies, Radiant Logic, a prominent identity data platform, was focused on reaching the next stage of growth. They had just acquired a complementary solution and were on the heels of building a world-class leadership team.

However, with so many new (and exciting) changes, they recognized that strategic alignment and a new operating framework was critical to fully leverage the positive momentum.

I won’t share the entire story here, but if you’re interested in discovering how our software and consulting services supported Radiant Logic, click the link below ⬇️.

Thriving Amidst Change: Radiant Logic's Journey to a 115% Surge in Services Revenue

For me it’s one of those stories that reinforces the very reason we embarked on this journey, and I couldn’t be prouder of the team here at Elate. And a special “thank you” to our partners at Radiant Logic.👏

Join us on August 9th to Talk Reporting 📈

I mentioned this in my note above, but we are hosting another exciting webinar on Wednesday, August 9th. This event will focus on how to use reports to uncover executive insights 🔍 and provide best practices on incorporating reporting into your operating rhythm.  

We will also walk through what will then be our newest feature - Advanced Reporting, that is slated to go live towards the end of July.*

Now, I may be a bit biased, but I am so excited about this feature and the incredible value it will offer Strategy and Operations Teams. I lived and breathed the pains of reporting, and I can confidently say it would have saved me countless hours that otherwise could have been spent driving execution and removing hurdles for team members.💥

Click here to learn more and secure your spot, and if you can’t make it live we’ll send you the recording afterwards so you can watch at a later time.

*We will be offering early access to customers in the coming week or so. If you want on the list, shoot me an email or stay tuned for more info.

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