Case Study: Civic Eagle Measures What Matters with Elate
June 11, 2020
Case Study: Civic Eagle Measures What Matters with Elate

👋 Meet Civic Eagle 

Civic Eagle is on a mission to use technology to promote better democratic outcomes for people and their communities. By pushing the boundaries of today’s legislative landscape with a simple, yet powerful vision, Civic Eagle envisions a world where people are heard and communities are genuinely served.

As Civic Eagle set out to make information about policies more accessible and transparent, they also needed a software platform for their team that provided visibility and transparency into the internal data driving their business forward. Civic Eagle partnered with Elate to unify data across their company into one view that serves as a single source of truth for decision making. 

Measure What Matters With Efficiency 

Execution is everything when it comes to scaling a business. Often the first step is understanding the key metrics driving your business forward or preventing you from taking the next step. 

For the team at Civic Eagle, they had a strong grasp on what metrics should be tracked. However, like many growing companies, finding an easy, intuitive solution to implement with limited time, people, and resources was a challenge.  

Civic Eagle needed a solution that had the ability to easily set up multiple integrations, and more importantly, capture data in a way that was actionable and representative of how they were performing against goals. 

Enter Elate. 

Rather than continuously updating multiple spreadsheets or running reports in different systems, Civic Eagle was able to connect data from a variety of sources and create custom dashboards across every area of their business. Elate’s streamlined set up, allowed them to automate reporting, and establish a process that saves their team precious time every week. 

Focus on Remote Alignment and Transparency

In addition to creating a centralized platform for automating key metrics across multiple data sources, Civic Eagle also needed a solution that allowed information to be shared across key stakeholders, both in the office and remote. 

As a fully remote team, Civic Eagle has been focused on alignment even before COVID changed the way we all work. So for their team, it wasn’t just about having metrics available, but rather, ensuring a solution made it incredibly easy to share with other stakeholders. They needed to allow everyone on their team to know where they are as a company and where they intend to go.

Elate's email notifications and sharing capabilities allow users to easily view or share any of the key metrics across the business through a number of different channels.

Elate helps keep Civic Eagle aligned and ensures transparency. 

Thank You, Civic Eagle!

Civic Eagle is a testament to the remarkable customers we partner alongside. In addition to supporting a great mission, we have also been fortunate to work with a company that has helped influence our roadmap in a way that allows us to better support fully remote workforces. 

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