Elate + Velocity Partnership: Transforming Strategic Planning
December 1, 2023
Elate + Velocity Partnership: Transforming Strategic Planning

I’m thrilled to announce an exciting new chapter in Elate's journey - a strategic partnership with Velocity Advisory Group. This collaboration holds immense promise for the future of strategic planning.

The Power of Three: People. Process. Solution.

At Elate, we firmly believe that a successful Strategic Plan requires excellence in all three areas. From the right team in place to build the strategy, the process to see it delivered upon, and the solution to bring it to life - each of these areas help create a dynamic planning framework that enables a shift from reporting yesterday’s news to unlocking tomorrow’s opportunities. 

Elate was born out of the pain we felt firsthand in previous roles. Purpose-built for Strategy and Operations Leaders by Strategy and Operations Leaders, Elate’s mission is to help companies connect long-term vision with tactical execution. We’ve been fortunate to partner with hundreds of amazing companies that resonate with our mission and have felt the same pain we did. 

We’ve also built a world-class team along the way; one with a clear focus of redefining strategic planning. We strive to build a solution that simplifies the process and provides employees with proactive insights that elevate the results of their strategic initiatives. And as we continue to grow as a company, we realize that the impact we seek in coming alongside organizations to bring their strategic vision to life can also be amplified by finding great partners that align with our approach to strategic planning.

That is why I’m elated to officially announce our strategic partnership with Velocity Advisory Group, a true leader in strategic consulting and executive coaching. With over 700 successful partnerships across all industries with companies like Johnson & Johnson, Aflac, Villanova University and United Way, Velocity has extensive experience working across leading organizations to help bring their strategic planning processes and operating frameworks to life. 

Why Velocity is a Great Match for Elate: People. Process. Solution.

Software is a powerful tool used to amplify the impact of your people and processes, and we firmly believe Elate does just that. It’s the vehicle that companies use to drive their operating rhythms. It creates a unified view of their strategies, builds company-wide alignment, and shows every employee where they are going and how they are getting there.

And by combining our Strategic Planning & Execution Platform (solution) with Velocity’s strategic planning (process) and executive advisory (people) expertise - we’re able to strengthen each piece of the trifecta.

We’ve said ‘no’ to a number of potential partners over the years - many of which were solely focused on themselves rather than their customers. We sought a partner that aligned with our values, dedicated to putting customers first.

We wanted to identify a partner that would be “in it” with us and the Strategy and Operations Leaders we partner alongside.

Velocity goes beyond checking the boxes. From building and executing, their approach to strategic planning aligns with ours at Elate. More importantly, there is a cultural alignment in what we care about most: helping Strategy and Operations Leaders create a dynamic strategy that drives outcomes.

How the Partnership Works

As we move into 2024, our collaboration with Velocity extends beyond direct customer interactions. We're excited to work together on building content that serves Strategy and Operations Leaders.

If you're interested in learning more about the Velocity and Elate partnership and how we're working together to build better, more resilient strategic plans, connect with our teams at the form below or with our team directly for a demo of Elate.

As we embark on this journey with Velocity, we're energized by the possibilities ahead, and we hope you join us in shaping the future of strategic planning. Let's build something extraordinary together.

Brooks Busch

Co-Founder, CEO

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