Four Reasons to Tie Your Company Mission into Goals
June 23, 2020
Four Reasons to Tie Your Company Mission into Goals

It’s not a big secret. Today’s business environment demands employers to provide more to their employees. To stay competitive in the job market, companies are often judged by their PTO policy, the snacks they offer, how they handle parental leave, and many other factors.

However, a smoothie bar or unlimited vacation time isn’t going to tip the scales completely and pull in top tier talent. The brands attracting today’s best workers are companies with a strong mission around how they are impacting the world. For employees, knowing that their input drives greater value than simply a dollar sign can mean all the difference in taking good work to great.

In this article, we will walk through four benefits outlining why tying your company's mission statement to goals can have a significant impact on the vision for your brand.

Inspiration Leads to Creativity

A great goal that connects the why behind a company's overall mission can inspire and motivate employees to do more. They will feel called to act, dive in, and ultimately produce greater work. 

Oftentimes the motivation that serves as a catalyst to better work can even lead to more creativity throughout the process. When employees are encouraged and motivated they will spend more time thinking about the task they are charged with, leading to more outside of the box thinking. 

Passion Drives Results

Think about the last project that you or your team put together you were really proud of. Chances are, the reason you’re proud of the project is because you were passionate when creating it.

The best results are produced by employees when they truly care about the reason they’re working on something. Stating the why behind a goal and helping your team understand how it ties into the company’s mission can drive more meaningful work. 

The why behind a goal may seem self explanatory to the leadership team, but communicating this to employees is critical. One thing COVID-19 has taught companies is the importance of continuous communication. This applies to the why behind goals as well.

Employee Loyalty

The job market is still as competitive as it ever has been, even though less companies are hiring now than previously. Making sure you’re holding onto top tier talent is critical and should be a focus for any team looking to grow.

By inspiring employees and leading them to do more passionate work, your team will be less apt to look around at other opportunities. If your employees are bought into the company mission and understand they’re serving a greater purpose, it will be much more challenging for them to find this elsewhere. Tying your mission into the goals your team has set will drive this point further home and can even serve as differentiator to your competitors.

Customer Love

Think about the companies and brands that you love. These are the subscriptions you’re paying for that you know you couldn’t live without. Why? Because they do great work.

Now, take a deeper dive into those companies. We’d venture to take a guess that at their core, they have a strong mission around how they are influencing the world at large. And you can probably bet on the fact that their mission is tied into the goals they’re setting.

Simply put, companies with strong missions and goals produce better work that creates brand loyalty for their customers. And what is the downside to creating customer loyalty?


There you have it. The four above examples are just a few reasons why infusing your company’s mission is important in the goal setting process, but there are many more. Is there one you think we should have covered? Let us know by reaching out on our LinkedIn page.