How to Get Started Writing Objectives
February 13, 2023
How to Get Started Writing Objectives

Why are Objectives Important?

Writing objectives that connect to your strategy will help your team better understand how their work ties into the strategic plan and company goals. Planning in a consistent, repeatable way will help your company adapt to change, make better decisions, and move faster together.

Below is how you can get started writing effective objectives that will connect to the company's goals and strategic plan.

Step 1: Build Strong Objectives with a Concise, Descriptive Name

When naming an Objective, keep it clear so that it is understandable by the rest of the team. Simplicity is key!

How to Build Objectives

Step 2: Write Key Results That Are Outcomes, Not Outputs

After naming the objective, it’s time to define how success will be measured. In doing so, focus on the outcome, not the output.

Example of a good key result that is an outcome, not an output

Step 3: Define Relationships on Your Objectives to Connect the Dots

The final step is to define relationships to show how your objective supports the high-level strategy. Relationships also create cross-functional transparency around how your objective is related to other objectives.

How to connect objectives to a strategic plan

Strategic Planning as a Competitive Edge

Effectively writing objectives is critical  for a successful strategic planning framework. When in doubt, come back to this 3 step process to write objectives that your whole team can rally around.

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