Case Study: PactSafe's Path to Greatness
April 20, 2020
Case Study: PactSafe's Path to Greatness

👋 Meet PactSafe

PactSafe is an Indianapolis-based, rapidly growing, SaaS company focused on delivering signing experiences that make everyone’s lives easier. They work with customers like DoorDash, Wayfair, Formstack, and Angie’s List to turn executing contracts into rapid, painless experiences. PactSafe has partnered with Elate to keep their team aligned.

With Great Growth Comes Great Responsibility

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Although the PactSafe team did not magically get spider-like super powers, they are growing their team in both revenue and headcount. With that growth comes a responsibility to ensure their team is aligned and focused on the most important aspects of their business.

The PactSafe leadership team adopted an operating framework called Path To Greatness. This framework helps outline the core pillars of their company’s goals and “numbers they obsess over” to illustrate the measurable outcomes of their goals. Everything from new ARR booked to the number of team celebrations they’ve hosted, PactSafe knew the importance of keeping their goals front and center.

Being on the same page matters


To make sure the entire team is aware of progress towards their goals, PactSafe uses Elate as their source of truth. Whether it’s sharing the Elate metrics dashboard on a TV screen in the office, or more recently, sharing it out through a link to everyone working remotely, the PactSafe team leverages Elate to keep everyone in sync on the numbers that matter most.

Don’t Get Stuck Looking At Last Season’s Data

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PactSafe takes advantage of Elate’s integrations to ensure their data is always up to date. Rather than operating from static dashboards or multiple systems, PactSafe is able to connect Elate to Salesforce, Clubhouse, and Google Drive to ensure no one is looking at last season’s data.

Thank You, PactSafe!

As PactSafe continues their growth as one of the top SaaS companies in Indianapolis, we are thrilled to partner alongside them to optimize their Path to Greatness. It is growth-focused companies like PactSafe that Elate was built to serve, and we are excited to see the outcomes they achieve.

To learn more about how you can achieve outcomes like PactSafe, schedule a demo today.