Stay Aligned While Working Remotely
April 13, 2020
Stay Aligned While Working Remotely

For many of us, navigating the waters of an entirely remote workforce is uncharted territory. If your LinkedIn feed looks anything like mine over the last week, you’ve likely seen an abundance of remote work suggestions to ensure your company is successful in what is likely a large adjustment. A few I’ve found to be incredibly helpful are: Kyle Lacy, CMO at Lessonly, Tim Hickle, Head of Demand Generation at Woven, and Damola Ogundipe, CEO at Civic Eagle.

With most companies operating fully remote at this point, ensuring alignment, clear communication, and transparency across your business is as important as ever. At Elate, we believe we have a unique opportunity to support companies in this transition.

As such, we wanted to share some suggestions on how our customers are leveraging Elate to stay aligned while working remote.

  • Sharing Metrics + Dashboards. Many of our customers use our “TV Mode” to display their dashboard on TVs throughout the office. Looking at different sources for information often leads to miscommunication and confusion. Spend less time figuring out which number is the most accurate by leveraging Elate as the single source of truth.
  • Utilizing Topics + Action Items For Remote Meetings. With less in-person interaction, increased documentation is essential to ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. The Topics section of our app is used to consolidate items to be discussed during a meeting. Encouraging attendees to add Topics ahead of time allows your team to focus on addressing the most important issues. As Topics are discussed, converting them into Action Items creates clear next steps for the team and provides alignment and accountability at the end of meetings.
  • Providing Regular Updates To Objectives. Consistently sharing updates and communicating through comments in Elate helps keep everyone in the loop. With the team now working remote, updating progress towards objectives helps reduce the need for one-off meeting requests and creates cross-departmental alignment.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to support other companies during this time of uncertainty and transition. If you are looking for help ensuring your team stays aligned or just want to talk through some ideas/best practices, we would love the opportunity to chat! Send me a note at and we will get some time set up.