The #1 Ingredient a $3B Startup Looks For When Hiring
February 10, 2021
The #1 Ingredient a $3B Startup Looks For When Hiring

Maybe you heard the news… Okay, let’s be honest, if you’re in SaaS, you definitely heard the news. At the end of January, Calendly announced a whopping $350M round of funding. WOW. This round of funding brings Calendly’s total valuation to over $3B. Not a bad way to head into the new year...

So what’s the secret behind Calendly’s success? Elate recently had the opportunity to interview Calendly’s CFO about their meteoric rise over the last twelve months. In the interview, he shared the number one trait he looked for when building out his team of 60+ new hires in 2020.

Play the clip below to hear what Calendly’s CFO had to say:

The number one ingredient Calendly’s CFO looks for is curiosity. As Russell Lester explains, curiosity is the essential element he looks for when identifying new team members because he wants to surround himself with individuals that are always hungry to solve the next big issue. 

For more of a behind the scenes look into Calendly's historic 2020, you can listen to our full interview here.