The Importance of Setting High Growth Software Company Objectives
June 14, 2021
The Importance of Setting High Growth Software Company Objectives

For strategy and operations leaders at high growth software companies, setting company objectives can be challenging. In addition to building goals that are ultra-aggressive, and come with little historical data to lean on, high growth software company objectives are often at the mercy of the ever-changing nature of the company's overall direction. 

So for a number of companies we speak with, one of the initial reactions to the idea of a strategic planning platform is that it's too early for their business to use. And while it might seem like a luxury, a solution that helps set and measure the overall direction of your high growth company is more critical now than ever before. 

Over the past few years there has been a significant emphasis on high growth software companies creating a vision and mission statement. This is designed to help the company set a north star to follow as they build their culture, evaluate strategic priorities, and serve the customers who buy into their direction. However, what companies are finding is that just as important as the 'Mission, Vision Values' being set is the ability to keep teams aligned and pointed towards those aspirations. 

The vision, mission, goals and objectives of any company are all connected. Without the vision statement examples laid out by companies, there isn't long term direction. The mission statement examples provide a rallying cry for teams, as well as purpose and direction for the day-to-day work. But the strategic objectives examples set every quarter give life to those company vision examples and company mission examples that guide the overall direction. 

And look, we might be a little biased. I mean, Elate is a strategic platform, and we’ve written before on Software Company Objectives. However, don't take it from us. Take it from the countless strategy and ops leaders who turn to their operating framework as a growth engine for their company. 

We recently sat down with Peter Clare, SVP of Operations at Jobvite, and as he shared, "Ignoring the operating system isn't an option."

Time and time again we hear from leaders at companies like Gravy, Calendly, and countless others, that the only way to think about effective growth is by building the infrastructure that enables growth. More so, powers growth.

If you're a start-up business building OKR examples or any number of types of business objectives, don't lose sight of the purpose: growth. 

So as you think about the importance of revisiting your vision and mission statements, don't forget what's powering your company's momentum towards those long term goals. The operating framework you implement gives life to the vision and mission of your company.