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Bring Clarity to Your Vision
Your strategic plan should create clarity, not confusion. Set a company vision that guides your direction, and easily evaluate, implement, and measure objectives that help you meet your goals.
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Drive Alignment Across Teams
Create transparency around a strategic plan that evolves with you. Cascade objectives throughout your teams, collaborate across departments and celebrate the wins.
Take Charge of Company Communication
When you’re growing your team, focusing on what matters is key. Set up alerts and notifications that provide visibility into the performance of key company goals, and reminders for team members to update progress.
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Avoid the hassle of manually updating metrics in spreadsheets with all of your favorite tools in one place.

Elate helps us ensure the teams are focused on the most important things that drive our growth and are aligned to our long-term vision without a lot of overhead.

Peter Clare  President of Jobvite

Elate is easy to use and keeps our team aligned.

Jordan Easley  VP Operations + Partnerships, Realync

With Elate, it isn’t just about putting objectives in a tool that isn’t revisited until the end of a quarter. Elate helps bring our strategy to life in a meaningful way that aligns with our long-term vision.

Marcus Hall President | Partner, California Closets

Elate is one of my personal favorites. We use Elate to track KPIs over time in an easy to use dashboard. Elate is incredibly easy to share with stakeholders so everyone on our team knows where we are as a company and where we intend to go. Elate keeps us aligned.

Damola Ogundipe  CEO of Civic Eagle

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