Bring your strategy to reality.

By combining your strategic plan with real-time performance in one succinct view, Elate makes achieving your vision easier than ever.

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Trusted by hundreds of high-growth companies.

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Top-Rated Strategy Execution & OKR Platform

Build your plan, communicate your vision, engage your people, and track results.

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Align your teams to your strategic initiatives

Gain alignment on your vision, break down silos, and help your teams prioritize work that matters by bringing your plan together in a unified view.

Track OKRs, KPIs, and Key Results in real-time

Align your metrics and KPIs to your strategic objectives and build scorecards with one-click integrations to the tools you're using today.

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Drive cross-team engagement on your plan

No more manual updates. Elate's automated Slack and Teams integrations meet employees where they work today.

Increased Visibility and Decreased Headaches

"Elate addresses a problem no one else has solved; integrated dashboards, tracking objectives, connecting to themes - these are all needed to run a leadership team effectively. By having a single platform that connects to all essential KPI data sources, Elate removes the hassles and headaches of visibility into the business."

Kip Z.
COO; Terminus

Elate connects your long-term vision with tactical execution in a simple, intuitive way.


Create a unified view of your strategic plan

Rather than working out of dozens of spreadsheets or endless presentations, Elate helps you build a simple, intuitive plan that can be easily shared with team members.

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Align your teams' goals with your strategic plan

When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. By connecting departmental initiatives to the company's high-level strategy, Elate gives unparalleled visibility into how each contributor's work contributes to the success of the company and helps them prioritize the work that matters most.

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Tactics by Elate

Stay on the same page with your team

Get important updates, share ideas, and take action - all within Elate. Automated status updates and integrations to communication tools your employees use today allow you to stay in the loop on how you’re executing - and move work forward together.

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"Elate has enabled us as a business to collectively bridge gaps and break siloes between departments and teams. The ability to connect the company's goals to strategic objectives in a clear and concise data-driven format has created a platform that drives transparent conversations amongst leaders and naturally facilities prioritization for teams."

Taylor Y
Operations Specialist, Terminus


Save hours reporting on your strategy

No more digging through dozens of spreadsheets, slides, and dashboards to report on company progress.

Advanced Reporting’s drag-and-drop report builder gives you the power to take all of your company’s strategic objectives and measurables within Elate and create concise and consolidated reports to share across your team in minutes. It’s that easy.

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One-Click Integrations for OKR Tracking

Avoid the hassle of manually updating metrics in spreadsheets with all of your favorite tools in one place.

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“We used to manage our departmental objectives with spreadsheets that each team owned and maintained in their own way and style. Elate has allowed us to track all of our objectives across our company in one location, all with the same cadence, process and look and feel.”

Zach Linder

SVP Operations @ Jobvite

Elate is how companies execute better.


After implementing Elate, Selina saw a 36% increase in Objective Success Rate quarter-over-quarter.


With Elate, FormAssembly has achieved an average Objective Success Rate of over 80% across the entire company.

Loved by Best in Class Strategy and Operations Leaders

"Elate is the perfect platform for OKR management and strategic planning. The platform is intuitive to use and allows our teams to remain engaged with corporate and individual OKRs throughout our global offices."

Shane B.
CEO, Emida Technologies

"Elate is incredibly simple and easy to use. I love the company home page, scorecards, and reporting tools. Most of their competitors have made very complex tools that are not helpful in driving an efficient OKR planning and reporting process. Elate solves automated OKR reporting through integrations with our tech stack."

Dana A.
COO, Measurabl

"Elate has helped us roll out an OKR framework that drives alignment and creates visibility across departments. They enabled our team to focus on outcomes, not outputs, which provides a blueprint for how we evaluate what priorities matter most for our company."

Megan M.
Chief of Staff, Buildertrend

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