From Complexity to Clarity: Simplifying Strategic Planning for Success

Things You'll Learn

Anyone who claims Strategic Planning is simple and easy likely hasn’t experienced the intricacies of the process firsthand. In fact, for most organizations, Strategic Planning is one of the most complex, dynamic processes that takes place every year. From fostering alignment across all departments of the organization to defining the right key initiatives that will enable your organization to reach your operating plan, Strategic Planning is far from straightforward.

However, for many organizations, overcomplexity and misalignment through the process can often derail a strategy before it ever gets off the ground.While it isn’t simple, simplifying Strategic Planning to drive focus allows them to differentiate themselves, especially in a challenging economic landscape.

With years of experience collaborating with thousands of organizations and numerous Strategy and Operations Leaders, Velocity Advisory Group and Elate have honed strategies to drive focus and ensure alignment around strategic plans.

Hear from Brooks Busch, CEO of Elate, and Dave Fechtman, CEO of Velocity Advisory Group, as they share how to simplify the complex process of Strategic Planning in a way that rallies employees around a common goal.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Most common mistakes and misconceptions organizations make when it comes to strategic planning
  • Characteristics and methodologies of organizations excelling at strategic planning
  • Activities you should engage in throughout the year to maintain focus
  • Insights from the Elate and Velocity teams on current trends in strategic planning and the influence of economic conditions
  • Approaches to strategic planning beyond traditional planning seasons, and more
From Complexity to Clarity: Simplifying Strategic Planning for Success
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