It's Launch Day at Elate!
January 6, 2021
It's Launch Day at Elate!

Today is a big day at Elate. We have not one, but two major announcements to share with you today.

A little bit about us

Elate is the all-in-one platform built for strategy and operations leaders at high growth tech companies.

Our pre-built dashboards act as an extension of your operations team for just a fraction of the cost. Let us do the hard work of assembling your KPIs, so you can focus more on the outputs driving growth. Simply select from any of our templates and in just a few clicks you can redefine reporting for your team and investors.

Drumroll Please

Up first is our brand new website! We’ve rapidly grown our company and product over the last year and we felt like it was time to give a well deserved upgrade. Some of the highlights include a new and improved extra-adorable Otto and our first-ever product video.

A brand new Platform Page gives you a sneak peek into everything Elate has to offer.

Our blog not only got a new look, but it’s also chock-full of helpful content to help Operations and Strategy leaders with everything from OKRs to Measuring the Right Metrics.

With Elate’s Ops Strategy services, recommendations on best practices for Operations and Strategy leaders is driven from our industry knowledge and experience working with hundreds of customers.

And more!

Try it Free

Now that you’ve had the chance to see some of the fun new things on our new website, we have one more announcement to share with you. We’re excited to roll out a free trial of Elate! 

Elate helps your company realize the power and potential of data. With everyone on the same page, scale your dream company faster. Now not only can you enjoy seeing our new platform features on the website, but you can take them for a test drive - no strings attached. 

Click here to start your 30 days free (no credit card required).