When to Choose Pruners over a Chainsaw
September 14, 2023
When to Choose Pruners over a Chainsaw

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When to Choose Pruners over a Chainsaw

In the midst of uncertain market conditions, the easiest course of action for a business leader is often to consider cost-cutting measures. And as Strategy and Operations Leaders, we are often the ones tasked with spearheading these difficult conversations, particularly when growth is not as strong as it once was. During such times, there is a need to realign our internal focus and adjust our expectations to match the current economic landscape in front of us. 💫

However, this is where great Strategy and Operations Leaders can often differentiate and distinguish themselves from those just following the status quo. Rather than taking an overly defensive approach and simply cutting any and all costs deemed ‘unnecessary’ by Finance teams, we have an opportunity to take a more nuanced approach - pruning rather than slashing.

I recently had an arborist come out and inspect a tree in my backyard that had several branches that didn’t make it through the winter. 🌳 It’s a fairly large tree and we love it. It provides the only shade in our backyard, and it really is wonderful in the summertime. However, we were concerned about the risk of a branch or the entire tree falling onto our home. 🏡

Our initial instinct was to have someone come out and give us a quote on how much it would be to take it down. Better safe than sorry, right?  But after speaking with the arborist they shared that while the tree did appear to have a disease, it wasn’t necessary to cut down the entire tree. Instead, we could remove the dead branches and treat it.

This whole experience served as a masterclass in what not to do as a Business Leader.

My initial impulse was ‘let’s cut the whole thing down'. However, this decision would have not only deprived us of one of the best parts of our home and backyard, but it also would have created long-term implications that I likely wasn’t thinking about, such as:

  • Removing the fence to get the trunk out
  • Additional costs to have someone lower the branches between power lines
  • Replanting the entire garden that is currently home of flowers that thrive in limited direct sunlight

And the list goes on and on. 🔄

The same principle applies to your company. While market uncertainty, a slowdown in growth, and various other factors are likely creating a real sense of anxiety, I can assure you that adopting a ‘slash-and-hope-it-works’ approach will likely lead to regret.

A few months ago, while closing our Series A Round of funding, a mentor shared this advice:

"You want to be innovating and moving forward in a climate like this one, because your competitors won't be. If you can accelerate while most are just hanging on, trying not to go backwards, then you will come out of this with an opportunity to see the exponential growth most companies only dream of at this stage."

I’ve held onto this advice and strive to apply it when we think about how we build Elate. But this advice is applicable to every great Strategy and Operations Leader when thinking about how to accelerate in the midst of uncertainty.

Just as you wouldn’t cut down the whole tree due to a few branches that aren’t bearing fruit (or leaves 🍃), you shouldn’t issue blanket policies with an unthoughtful approach. As Strategy and Operations Leaders, we want to take a thoughtful approach, and dig into the real problem areas driving wasteful spend. 🗑️

Imposing far reaching, blanket policies are a surefire way to ensure that the ‘aim to maintain’ approach will result in an organization taking even longer to come out of a slow growth period. Often these policies are the short-term approach that can result in hacking away at company resources, spending or headcount, rather than being intentional about removing gross overspending.

If you can take your pruners out, rather than your chainsaw, focusing on how to intentionally cut excess spend and bloating throughout the business, then the rebound will be one that creates momentum for your organization. 🚀

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